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A single subscription for all your IT

Technology as a Service

Information Technology at any organisation is complex, there are many components that all need to function perfectly together for the end users to be able to do their jobs productively and securely. Every organisation has to manage all of these components and the providers that supply them:- phones, internet access, IT support, software licensing to name just a few. Often there will also be a seemingly constant stream of projects to modernise ageing systems, costs to upgrade or replace systems due to growth in the organisation, network failures, viruses, unexpected engineering costs to configure new features or software changes.

Novity takes all of that away and replaces it with Technology as a Service. Under our per user, per month technology subscription we supply and manage the network, internet connection, phones and phone lines, email, Office suite, end user support and everything else needed to keep your people online, secure and productive.


Everything your organisation needs, including a fully managed internet connection; WiFi and network equipment, to get online is supplied, installed, monitored, and updated as necessary.


Industry standard security is applied to your data, not your office network, so that regardless of where you are or what device you are using your information remains secure and protected. Security best practices are applied across company owned devices and networks. The security of your data is continually monitored and regularly audited to enure ongoing protection.

Storage and sharing

Storage, including backup, for each user and for your organisation's shared files with powerful collaboration, security and auditing features accessible securely from anywhere and on any device.


A mailbox with plenty of storage space, as many email addresses as needed, protection against "spam" and advanced email attack protection is included for every user. Email can be accessed securely from any computer, mobile phone or tablet from anywhere.


The full Microsoft Office productivity suite, including Outlook, Excel and Word is included for every user on company computers as well as mobile phones and tablets.


Phone lines, call packages, a handset and direct number for each user (if required) is all provided. Instant messaging and collaboration software is included. Phone, email, collaboration and intant messaging tools can all be accessed from compatible mobile phones and tablets.

Business focused professional services

Consultancy Services

Technology life cycle management
Technology use often grows organically with an organisation, this can result in a less than clear picture of what you have, how, even whether it is being used and what risks it is exposing the organisation to.  Let us know your concerns, we are experts in hardware, software and infrastructure utilisation and life cycle auditing; shadow IT identification and remediation and RFI/RFP process management.
Engineering Services
Project management and engineering for any size technology project from email migration to complete infrastructure refresh.
Cloud Solutions
Not every cloud has a silver lining, but with our vendor agnostic approach, when we recommend a cloud product as part of our solution, you can be assured it's the best in class solution for you.
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Data protection in the cloud age

Information Security Services

With seemingly endless reports in the media of big businesses being hacked, data ransomed and customer's private information leaked, protecting your systems can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Often though, making a few simple changes to the way that data is stored and accessed will dramatically reduce an organisation's exposure to cyber crime.

Our risk audits assess security exposure against internationally recognised standards and then report as a score;a list of clear, prioritised improvement areas and are presented with tailored recommendations for business oir technology changes.

Security auditing aligned with international standards
One off or regular security auditing with risk scoring and prioritised improvement goals.
Security advisory
Security solutions that serve the organisation's needs first, staying out of the way while still keeping data secure.
Information Protection Solutions
Modern, zero-trust, perimeter-less data security and protection using industry standard tools and methods.
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Everyone on the Novity team has an engineering background and global experience delivering exceptional quality technology solutions.

A 15 year veteran engineer, IT manager and consultant

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